Solutions For Growing Companies
Bob Snelling

Bob Snelling began his career with an inside sales position at Lufasco, Inc., a Philadelphia based wholesale industrial fastener distributor. With an education in technology, Bob was selected to implement the companyís first automated order and inventory control system. In addition to maintaining a sales desk, the successful automation project resulted in Bobís promotion to an officer, with oversight of purchasing and administration. Bob subsequently relocated to Detroit, expanding his sales career with General Fasteners Company, an international wholesale automotive and industrial parts supplier, as a member of its executive and re-automation teams.

A solid foundation in small business led Bob to accept a standing offer to join Snelling and Snelling, Inc., a (then) publicly traded and nationally franchised staffing business co-owned with his family and located in Sarasota, FL. During a 15 year tenure Bob served as Chief Information Officer, Senior VP of Law and Facilities, and ultimately as CEO and Vice Chairman prior to the company's sale in early 2005.

Bob's diverse experience from warehouse to boardroom includes prior direct report to five extraordinarily different company presidents, years of business ownership, P & L responsibility and meeting payrolls. A unique background with progressive levels of operational, managerial and financial responsibility has proved invaluable preparation for Bobís current role as advisor and finance intermediary. Guided by ethical behavior, attention to detail, and a regimen of planning, collaboration and teamwork, Bob's innovative yet practical solutions consistently deliver return on investment and stand the test of time.

Bob is an avid bicyclist and resides in Plano, TX, a Dallas suburb, with his wife and business partner Carol, their two children and a Border terrier.